Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Forward

I started these socks while we were on our way to Florida. I finished the first one in less than a week. I started the second one while we were still there, then we came home and our kids took turns getting sick. It was a flu that seemed to bounce around between the kids and my husband. I was running ragged trying to nurse everyone back to health, and it seemed like everyone was better, then they all got colds. After everyone else got better it hit me. Yuck!

So the socks ended up sitting for about a month until I was able to pick them up again, so I was finally able to finish the socks! Spring Forward is a pattern from Linda Welch that is found on Knitty. I knit them with indigo from Avery Allison yarn.

The name of them gives me hope, hope that spring may soon be on it's way. We've had another blast of winter here in Alberta, yesterday was a snow day, schools were closed, many people stayed home from work, those who went in probably shouldn't have. Here is a picture my husband took on his way into the office. Zero visibility.
Warmer weather is sure to come...right?

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