Friday, March 6, 2009

Long time...

Well, it's definitely been a long time! I've been busy. We spent 2 weeks in Florida in January so my husband could do the Walt Disney World goofy challenge which is a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. The crazy thing about it is he didn't train, at all. I think he'd ran once in the 6 weeks before the race. I wish I could do that, not have to train and just be able to head out and run 26 miles in 4 hours. Our boys loved Disney World! They are at a great age to go, they get so excited about everything that just being there is enough for them. We don't have to try to get on every ride there is, as long as we hit a few of them they're happy!

I finished all of my Christmas knitting! Woohoo!!! My kids all had their own knitted stockings. I made my husband a pair of socks, and a knitted cycling cap. He wrote a great post about the socks that I made him. It feels so good when you make something for someone who really appreciates it! These were made from my own handspun merino with a reinforced toe and heel (since I know how hard he is on socks!). I found a bicycle chart here that I used to add the bike to the top of the socks.

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