Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

Well, it's been awhile. I've been around but busy, busy, busy. I've been running between the ski hill, skating rink and swimming pool for the past month and I'm exhausted.

I was a lifeguard and swimming instructor for 6 years before having kids and I always swore that my children would be swimmers, I would never have one of those kids who wouldn't put their face in the water...right? WRONG. My oldest is (at 4) just starting to put his face in the water, but won't jump in, won't float, won't blow bubbles, etc. My 2 year old is, well, a 2 year old! What he will and won't do varies depending on the day. We're going to continue with swimming lessons as long as it takes, it doesn't matter to me if my kids are the best swimmers, or if it takes them 10 tries to pass the first level. They need to know how to swim, I want them to be able to swim well enough that they can be comfortable in the water. Hopefully that happens, someday!

One of the other places that I'm splitting my time is the skating rink, which is great because it's right behind my house. A two minute walk tops (with 3 kids and equipment) so at least I'm not wasting any time driving! It's my four year old's second year skating, and he loves it. He wants to play hockey (like most small town Alberta boys!), but so far he's just in learn to skate, and actually doing surprisingly well. I'm wondering how long it will be before I'm a full fledged hockey mom!?!

Lastly it's been skiing. He loves skiing, I love watching him ski. He seems so little, but my husband started when he was 4 and went quite regularly with his family, and then me until we got pregnant and decided snowboarding might not be very good for our baby. So or the past 5 years or so we haven't been skiing or snowboarding much, but would like to get back into it with our kids.

After just 2 lessons he's pretty much mastered the bunny hill. He can do the snowplow, turn and stop fairly consistently, but his favorite part is the magic carpet, because that's what takes him to the top of the hill so he can do it again!

Although I've been busy with kids activities I have been knitting, and baking quite a bit. I'll get posting more regularly now... I hope!

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