Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beer Sweater

My family draws names for Christmas. The deal is that you buy a gift for whoever you draw, but you have to make something for everyone else. This can make for quite an experience Christmas morning. Last year we had styrofoam ball chickens, flowers made with forks that had been welded together, sock monkeys, soap, etc. This year I've been a little more on the ball, possibly due to the fact that I'm not pregnant and having to deal with morning sickness, so I decided to make practical gifts. I've finished the mittens for my sisters, and was thinking about what to make for my brother, finding a gift to buy for an 18 year old guy is hard enough, but trying to figure out something to make him is next to impossible. I was searching Ravelry for ideas and I came across the Beer Sweater. Perfect for my younger brother, won't his friends be impressed that cares so much about his beer that he has a cute little sweater for it?

The best thing about this project is I started and finished it in one afternoon. I used up some leftover yarn in my stash, and I've got another Christmas "present" finished! Thanks for the pattern Melissa!

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